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Perhaps People like Us.


Perhaps people like us,

Were never Supposed to live a normal life. 

Whatever that is anyway. 

Perhaps people like us,

Have a secret language.

That made you grow up faster than the rest,

And pushing you down in order for you to pull yourself up.

A language that makes you question the difference between self-growth and self-harm.

The line isn't drawn out, so you have to draw your own. 

Perhaps people like us,

See hard work as something you do, 

Rather than not do. 

Perhaps people like us,

Are neither this or that, 

We are both.

We are controlling yet so creative. 

Perhaps people like us,

Are able to read the minds of each other,

Because we know the truth of it all. 

Because people like us know, 

It is all behind the doors of control.

Perhaps people like us,

Are not so naive anymore. 

We are not naive to success and stardom. 

Humanness stripped out of humans,

And voices being silenced with doubt. 

Perhaps people like us,

Are really the only people who understand.

Understand each other,

And understand others. 

Perhaps people like us, though, 

Will never understand ourselves. 

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